Why Shower Wall Panels are a Better Option than Ceramic Tiles?


Are you looking to buy shower panels online in Delhi, but split between the choice of shower panels or are confused whether you should invest in ceramic tiles? Well, first of all, you are not the first one who is in this situation. The debate between the ceramic tiles and shower panels is legendary and not new in the bath accessory market. Both ceramic tiles and shower wall panels are great options and perfect for the job they need to do, and you could choose anyone and would be satisfied with the outcome. But the shower wall panels are a better option for one overall when compared with ceramic tiles; it will ultimately depend on what your requirement is.

1. No Grout

One of the first and basic advantages of installing a shower panel over ceramic tiles is that you don't have to worry about the grout maintenance that comes with the application of ceramic tiles. No matter how much one loves the finish that comes with applying ceramic tiles, no one loves the trouble of maintaining grout joints even if they got spare time on their hands to do some good round of scrubbing. With shower wall panels, this is a worry you won't have to face, as, with the case with ceramic tiles where you have to do some scrubbing, shower wall panels doesn't demand regular attention from you.

2. Installation

Quite simply, shower wall panels are easier to install when compared to their ceramic tiles counterpart. It is tenfold easier to redesign your bath space by applying shower wall panels as with the case of ceramic tiles, and their transportation is the first of the long list of troubles you will face. Trouble is a strong word, nuisance more like it, but a nuisance none the less, and you can only mitigate this issue not eliminate it. So, if you are looking for no worry and easy installation, shower wall panels is the way to go.

3. Aesthetic looks

Now it is no secret that the main reason why anyone chooses ceramic tile is the finishing look they provide to one's bath space. There is no denying this fact, but the shower wall panels have come a long way in their looks. With the advancement in technologies, shower wall panels designs have become appealing to customers. So, when it comes to looks, shower wall panels are not something to scoff at.

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